Accident prevention tips: controlling distractions.

This can be a very busy time of year for people!  Everyone is making plans to get together with family and friends.  At least 80 % of collisions are caused by driver inattention. Make sure you have controlled the distractions for you.  Do not use your cell phone.  Turn it off!  Make sure it is in a place where it can’t be reached.

Before traveling make sure you have a route planned.   If you are using a GPS or similar device make sure you input all your data while still parked, prior to departure.  Do not enter data while travelling, first it is not safe and in some jurisdictions those actions will be in contravention of the law.  While travelling and your GPS notifies you to make a U-turn.  DO NOT DO  A U-TURN!!!  It is unsafe to do and may be unlawful.  Continue to drive and your device will re-orient itself and calculate a new route.  The new route may be longer, but that is far safer than making a U-turn.

Make sure passengers and pets are properly secured.

Take care of personal grooming prior to getting into your vehicle.  I know that makes perfect sense, but you believe what I’ve seen over the years.  I observed a driver shaving and another putting on mascara  You can’t make this stuff up folks!!

Focus on driving!!  Be checked in.  Don’t get tunnel vision.  Keep scanning/looking for other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and any hazards!!

Hope you have a safe summer!!


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